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Artificial Intelligence: when to rely on it for your hotel decisions

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In many cases, these reminders prompt customers to look at their vehicle and allow them to purchase some or all of the items in their vehicle. One of the reasons we use chatbots is that we want to have time for other things while we let something else do our work. A chatbot is always present and active at all times of the day ready to intervene. Customers are happy to interact with robots, especially when they show a sense of humour or personality like a real person. At the very least, customers will be happy to receive a welcome message from the chatbot telling them exactly when they will get an answer to their problem, especially when a solution for the bot has not yet been fixed. If you’re a decision-maker right now, you may feel caught between the AI hype on the one hand and the fear that machines aren’t treating your customers well on the other.

  • Generally, the customer has to email the customer support department and wait for a reply.
  • Vendors with mobile apps offer messaging services, allowing guests to communicate with staff using their mobile device.
  • They are so powerful that we named them one of the 3 best tools for maximising hotel customer retention.
  • By incorporating AI into their management, hotels run the risk of taking the passion out of hospitality work.
  • Future improvements on the cards will allow the chatbot to manage room requests through integration with the hotel’s back-end systems.
  • While a customer is learning about a company’s products/services through their chatbot, this is when the chatbot can show the person an attractive upsell/down-sell offer.

When we look back at 2022 I think we will see it as a golden year in hotel technology. Coming out of the pandemic and with global shortages of labour, hotels started to take technology seriously again. The value of connections within any industry chatbots hotel improves your social status in a business you work in and helps you develop the skills you need to succeed. As part of the hospitality industry, we thrive in ensuring we keep up to date with the latest trends in the travel and tourism market.

How To Improve Connection Quality In The Office?

If, for example, a guest answers ‘Yes’ to the question ‘Would you like to book a room? ’, then the next branch will involve asking for which nights and for how many people. In other words, it’s basically the same as a human operator would do, but in a sometimes less flexible way. This is why many hotel chatbots request that potential guests ask only one question at a time, and phrase it as simply as possible. Gillis mentioned that AI and machine learning technologies can analyse guest data and provide customised offers, delivering personalised services that meet guests’ individual needs. “We recently launched our own chatbot service, which provides our guests with 24-hour assistance over WhatsApp.

chatbots hotel

Plus, it doesn’t matter how much a business ‘requests’ a customer to take part in your survey. Performers, sports teams, organizations, nonprofits, and anyone creating an event can use chatbots to smoothly sell tickets to their fans and audiences. For example, PVR Cinemas own one of the largest chains of movie theatres in India. And on their website, you’ll find a chatbot that helps visitors quickly book movie tickets, view offers, and leave feedback. As your live chat is manned by a person, there’s less chance of this happening. Even if the sales rep doesn’t know the answer to the question, they can then go away and seek advice from someone else before typing up a response.

Opt-out of housekeeping service

You know you can depend on them to be there 24/7, 365 consistently answering in your brands tone of voice. In the age of instant news and information, the modern hotel guest has become accustomed to getting the information they need immediately. They are so powerful that we named them one of the 3 best tools for maximising hotel customer retention. Get the latest product and industry updates from the past 30 days and be the first to know about our latest developments. All the tools you’ll need to automate your hotel operations and grow your business.

  • When it comes to travel, however, inaccurate information is no laughing matter, particularly if you are using AI technology to pull together flight itineraries, activities and hotel bookings.
  • Whereas if you have a live chat, they can get in touch for free without having to worry.
  • Gillis added that hotels need to have robust cybersecurity measures in place to protect guest data from cyber threats.
  • From providing check-in instructions to recommending places to eat nearby, this AI tool covers an array of guest requirements.
  • MVMT, a fashion-brand that develops watches and sunglasses and especially targets millennials, uses this strategy to great effect with their chatbot use case.

Using their chatbot, they first ask their visitors what they would like to do. If someone selects the option ‘just checking out the content’, it asks what topics you’re interested in. Then based on the selection, it presents a link to a case-study the visitor can get if they want. Instead, a better option would be to add a chatbot to your website’s homepage. This chatbot can be designed to ask sales-oriented questions to your audience and guide them to and through the checkout process. Generally, the customer has to email the customer support department and wait for a reply.


We helped one of our clients implement the chatbot use case helping the sales agents in their sales team. After a few months of running, the efficiency and performance of the sales team increased tremendously. As a result, companies and businesses can start utilizing chatbot use cases to their full potential, thus reducing their operational costs and increasing their sales. All this, in the end, will show a significant positive result in the net revenues and profits of the company. Other companies who deal with many different products (or even just a few) can apply this chatbot use case to quickly answer customer requests for price quotes. And like Plum, any business or company looking to explain, onboard, and give a product tour can use this chatbot use case to guide their customers through their product/service right within their website or mobile app.

chatbots hotel

Having launched in 2017, Rose at The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas is doing great service for the hotel, with plenty of stats in the linked piece about her engagement and success, helping drive revenue and customer satisfaction. When travellers are looking for a hotel, the usual rules still apply, comfy bed, decent view, good service and polite staff. The last two years have been a challenging time for all businesses and that has necessitated cuts to most budgets particularly marketing. If your hotel welcomes guests from all over the world, language barriers can be challenging.

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