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Andy discusses his vision for remote work and creating culture among his distributed team. Articulate makes award-winning course creation apps for large companies. Lucy details how Articulate serves their customers with a fully distributed team. Listen in as she gives us a deep dive into Articulate’s remote culture. With team members distributed throughout 25 different countries, Doist has an innovative approach to their remote work teams. From 40 holiday days to an involved hiring process, Brenna gives us a glimpse of how things are done inside the culture of Todoist.

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Each of these podcasts covers an array of topics around remote work, helping you be more efficient in the modern workplace, or tips on how to better lead remote teams. Building Remote Teams is one of the best podcasts for remote managers. working from home podcast The host Jevin shares numerous pieces of advice to deal with hybrid office models. And he focuses on how to stay productive while working from home. Humanity Working is a podcast focused on employee development for the future of work.

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As we head into Q2 of 2021, many of us still find ourselves working from home (for better or for worse). Listening to podcasts can be a fun break from the mundane of the day-to-day, and what’s more, it can be a great resource for optimizing our work and maximizing our productivity. An easy solution to any Fire TV remote issues you experience is to reset the Fire TV remote to start afresh.

  • Launched in June 2020, Brave New Workforce collects experts’ opinions to adjust to this ‘new normal.’ The hosts are Trip O’Dell, Anna Codina, and Larry Cornett.
  • Our guest, Mark Mortensen is a professor of organizational behavior at INSEAD and an expert on the changing nature of work and collaboration.
  • As those employers leave, it’s not just about the office space, it actually has a ripple effect into a lot of other related industries.
  • We’ve helped the world’s top companies hire a talented, diverse pool of job candidates in remote work – view our success stories here.
  • I found this launch episode of the Way Too Busy podcast extremely thought-provoking.

Here are some meditation, journaling, and mindfulness podcasts to help you get in the zone to begin a productive day working from home. Whatever your morning ritual may be, research shows that beginning your remote work day with exercise and a nourishing breakfast will help you to be more productive and have a positive attitude to start your day. You can listen to podcasts while commuting to a shared workspace or coffee shop, while cleaning or cooking, during an exercise session, or anywhere you can have headphones in. Their shows are generally 40 to 45 minutes long, and since each of the three hosts works from a home office, the trio has plenty of relevant advice for those who work from home, whether or not you’re a writer. Born from the ashes of the pandemic, Brave New Workforce is a project that launched in June 2020 to lead the way with expert opinion as we adjust to the “new normal” of remote work.

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First up, here are some recommendations for podcasts for remote workers to motivate, inspire, relax, and focus. Show hosts Naresh Vissa and Adam Schroeder are both founders of media businesses and have been working from home for several years. They’ll teach you how to stay productive and balance life and work while working from home. They tackle subjects such as keeping your marriage healthy, making the transition from the office to the house, and eating healthy when your home is your office. With over a decade of experience, Darren Murph joined GitLab to head up all things remote.

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